About the Inventor

Bob Poels


The inventor of the CRASH 'N FLASH stage lighting system has been an active musician in the Green Bay, Wisconsin area for many years.  He has played drums with top local acts and has founded several long-running successful bands.  Bob has also worked as a professional stagehand with the International Alliance Of Theatrical Employees (IATSE) for numerous big international acts.

Bob had often noticed the ineffectiveness of lighting systems for working bands.  The lighting systems designed to be run from the stage, in particular, leave much to be desired, such as sound-driven light triggers. You know the kind! You spend half of your set-up time playing with sensitivity controls only to find the lights don't change with the beat but do change when the manager makes an announcement over the PA about an illegally parked car...or how about the random sequenced or predictable programmed light shows. Interesting for a while...but just that...predictable.  

 Bob wanted to give his audience a true concert style expressive light show at every performance.

Bob then developed the CRASH 'N FLASH stage lighting system: A sturdy, affordable, reliable, effective way to control accent lights from the stage, perfectly synced with the music, without any extra attention from the stage musicians. Bob tested the prototype at hundreds of gigs before bringing the CRASH 'N FLASH to the market and is confident that this system is the perfect answer for the lighting needs of working musicians for every size of stage.