Crash 'N Flash Testimonials

 "The Crash 'N Flash is simple to use and built well. I was asked if it dampened the sound of the cymbal and the answer is no. It doesn't affect the sound of the cymbal and for live shows it is not going to affect your sound in the slightest! " 

Dean Kolz, Lighting Designer, Lighthouse Productions

 "I have been a Front of House Lighting Designer for many years now and I am amazed at the impact that the Crash 'N Flash System has on a show. I am constantly trying to time my lighting bumps and cues with the musical expressions of the band. It is difficult to get the timing just right, especially with bands that I have never worked with before. The Crash 'N Flash System solves that problem by taking care of the timing for me. This lets me focus more on the overall look of the show,-- especially during a drum solo. " 

Rich Redmond- Drummer with country superstar Jason Aldean.

"My drum tech and I Love Crash 'N Flash! CNF is a super reliable,portable and affordable way to add excitement to your performances! Having SO much fun with it! You'll be CRASHing in a FLASH! I'll be incorporating Crash 'N Flash into my Crash Course for Success clinics ASAP! Watch for it!"

Bill Harrison, Omnitrax Recording Studio

“The Crash 'N Flash adds a new dynamic to the lighting scheme of any performance! Having recorded a kit with these attached, I can honestly say that I detected no difference in the sound of the cymbals. GREAT new product!


 "I recommend this pedal to any drummer that wants to have control of the lights while playing a live gig. When you get to the chorus of a song or need a buildup, just stomp on the "Crash N' Flash" pedal and it fires off instantly. I love it!" 

Marisa Testa

“We'll be setting up the CNF DMX RGBW Stage Lighting System that you were kind enough to give as a sponsor at Rich Redmonds Crash Course For Success weekend in Los Angeles. Super EXCITED to use it at our shows and on tour this summer! Thank you!!”

Miguel Monroy- Product Review Specialist, Modern Drummer Magazine.

“Rated at over 10+ million activations, the Crash 'N Flash Stage lighting System will deliver for you EVERY time! A nice compliment to any existing lighting system and a fun way to take your live performance to the NEXT level!”

Jake Wood- Product Review specialist, DRUM! Magazine.

'Some skeptics may wonder, but won't the trigger dampen the tone of the cymbal? NAY! After rigorous testing, we found that it DOES NOT affect the tone of the cymbal in the slightest!”

Ingo Marte'- Professional Drummer and International Drum Tech.

“Yes, I have first hand seen the Crash 'N Flash in person at the NAMM show in Nashville, now I have my own system. Really well made product, great engineering and the unit does NOT affect the sound or sustain of the cymbal whatsoever. This is a really great product!”


“They are working great!! I mostly use them on our personal lighting LED system, I'm going to use them on a big system here in Mass on Nov. 2, knock on wood things have been extremely busy!!”


“I endorse Crash 'N Flash Stage Lighting Systems! Great product, great service!”

"I can attest that it does not effect the tone of the cymbal. Great product Crash 'N Flash DMX RGBW Stage Lighting /Effects Systems!! I 100% endorse you!"

Chris Maitland, London, U.K.

This is a brilliant idea! The amount of times I've been left in the dark by lighting engineers whilst 'going for an Oscar' in performance as a drummer, only to be lit when I'm toweling off and drinking water between numbers! Love it!