Crash 'N Flash DMX

What's Included


 THE CRASH 'N FLASH stage lighting system consists of a cymbal stand mountable switch/bracket assembly that is activated when the drummer strikes the crash cymbal, a 1st generation power outlet box with switched outlets to control standard par/halogen lighting, and all of the necessary cables and hardware.  It even comes with a sturdy storage pouch. Simply plug in your lights and the show is ready to begin.  

Now Available


A 2nd generation Crash 'N Flash DMX RGBW Stage Lighting/ Effects System now available to control DMX operated LED intelligent lighting from small LED pars to a multitude of concert fixtures! 

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  • mechanical life of over 10 MILLION operations 
  • omni-directional 
  • requires only 18.4 oz to activate 
  • rated at 10 amps - 1250 watts 
  • double insulated - no grounding required
  • does not effect the "feel" or sound of the cymbals
  • does not scratch or mar cymbal finish
  • strain relief wrap at pigtail connection 

Mounting Bracket:


Heavy Duty

  • drummer-friendly hardware 
  • versatile mounts to stands from 5/16" to 3/4" diameter.
  • easy adjustment of the switch angle (over-sized wing nut) 
  • easy angle adjustment for the right switch actuation sensitivity on the cymbal; the switch can be adjusted so as to only trigger on aggressive strikes or to always trigger 
  • adjustment to reach "strike zone" of the cymbal.(standard drum key)
  • can be permanently mounted and stored with your cymbal stand.

       -- standard satin aluminum finish      

2nd Generation 4 channel DMX RGBW "Stomp Box" Controller:


Drummer friendly controller with four color coded trigger inputs to control 4 color red, green, blue, and white LED fixtures respectively.

  • bright onboard LED indicators for 'power/standby' and 'system active' modes.
  • easy to see on dark stages.
  • stomp box with sufficient weight to 'stay put' when controlling.
  •  fits nicely next to hi-hat for quick easy access during a performance

Crash 'N Flash DMX Concert Pro Stage Lighting System


  •  The new second generation unit is a state of the art CNF DMX 4 channel RGBW controller consisting of a foot switch/ stomp button with 'standby/power' and 'system active/blackout' bright indicator LED's to obviously depict system mode and again offer the operator complete control of the lighting effect. 
  • The foot switch itself is a DMX controller capable of sending out an industry standard DMX data command to the DMX operated device or DMX LED intelligent light fixture. If all lighting fixtures are set to the same address, all will respond within milliseconds conjunctively. This system will command ANY size DMX LED lighting from small pars for local bands to concert lighting and a multitude of the best high powered LED fixtures. The CNF DMX controller is sending data only-- so realistically you can control 1 or slave 2,5,10,20...up to 32 units per data link. The foot switch/DMX controller also has 4, 1/4" mono Switchcraft trigger inputs allowing at least 4 CNF triggers (up to 4 crash cymbals)-- or more simultaneously with standard 'Y' splitters.The CNF trigger system boasts a longer wand to take more advantage of the adjustable mounting bracket. Also, the CNF trigger still retains it's 10 million+ activation capabilities, is virtually unbreakable from overextending and again proving this system is road and concert ready, built buy a professional stagehand for night after night fail safe touring. The CNF DMX unit is powered by a standard 9 volt DC power supply for easy replacement and also is adaptable for use with other countries voltage. 
  • Great news for present Crash 'N Flash owners.... all that is needed to upgrade to the new DMX system is an adapter cable to connect your CNF trigger to the CNF DMX lighting control module and of course, the CNF DMX lighting control module itself!
  • Now On Que Lighting Designs, LLC and Crash 'N has TWO (2) special effects lighting systems to control standard (halogen,etc) and digital (LED intelligent) lighting! Drummers and bands don't forget...the 1st generation system can also trigger special effects other than lighting such as flash pots and stage pyro!   

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