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Crash 'N Flash DRUM! Magazine Comparison Review


Crash 'N Flash DMX Stage Lighting Systems review., DRUM! Magazine.

By On Que Lighting Designs $274.99 (basic trigger and control package, no lights included)

Crash 'N Flash

Here we have the proverbial black sheep of the multicolored herd. Unlike the other systems that have

triggers adhered onto heads and LEDs wrapped inside drums, these guys have created their very own

industrial strength trigger that senses cymbal crashes. This, in turn, sets off any number of professional

stage lighting options.

Using a small spring-loaded antenna-like “whisker” of sorts, the trigger is mounted underneath the

cymbal and, when struck, tilts the whisker, which activates a switch. This sends a signal to the control

unit, and from there, the signal can be sent to any number of things, including basic LED stage lights

and fog machines that have DMX capabilities. Simply daisy chain up to 32 LED fixtures per channel,

put them in Slave mode, and voila, everything is illuminated.

****Some skeptics may wonder, “But won’t the trigger dampen the tone of the cymbal?” Nay! After

rigorous testing, we found that it doesn’t affect the tone in the slightest, although setting up the trigger

to function properly can be a bit tedious, as there is a fine balance between latency and retriggering.

However, once the settings are locked, you’ll never need to reset them.****

The DMX control unit includes a single foot- switch, which can be used to turn lights, fog machines,

and yes, even flame machines on and off. In fact, the control unit can be used as a stand-alone

controller, bypassing the need for any triggers, to cue visuals for a show. While there’s minimal

manipulation of color choices from the unit, those parameters are best programmed at the lighting

source. Review by Dross

"The Crash 'N Flash is simple to use and built well. I was asked if it dampened the sound of the cymbal and the answer is no. It doesn't affect the sound of the cymbal and for live shows it is not going to affect your sound in the slightest!"

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