Frequently asked questions

"I'm concerned that the CNF trigger wand will change the sound of my crash cymbal?"


 "Some skeptics may wonder, but won't the CNF trigger dampen the tone of my cymbal? NAY! After rigorous testing we found that it DOES NOT affect the tone of the cymbal in the slightest!
Jake Wood~~ Product Review Specialist. DRUM! Magazine. 

"Will the CNF trigger wand mar or scratch my cymbal finish?"


 The specially designed felt tipped CNF trigger wand and bead ride smoothly and silently on the underside of your crash cymbal without scratching or marring and does not absorb the vibrations. Therefore allowing your crash cymbal to 'speak' brightly. 

"Will the felt tip wear out and need replacing?"


 Inevitably the felt tip will wear our because of contact with your cymbal. Yes the felt is replaceable. My recommendation is to monitor the wear to keep your system working smoothly and quietly. 

"What do you mean by 'strike zone'?


 Strike zone is described as where you frequently attack the crash cymbal. ALWAYS point the CNF trigger wand as nearly as possible directly toward you and your strike zone. 

"How do you adjust Pre-Load?"


 The CNF switch and mounting bracket can be adjusted after mounting to your stand to where the 'on' cycle occurs on normal to hard crashes when flash is desired. Adjustment angle of the switch is made by setting and tightening the large wing nut on the bracket. Forward and backward adjustment of the CNF switch is also possible for different size cymbals with a standard drum key. Remember that the cymbal movement activates the CNF trigger.  

Also Available


Optional mounting hardware finishes - to match your drum kit.